Porn Queen - Sonic Visions - Esch Alzette - 2013

PORN QUEEN - 20h30 (Tent)
Porn Queen is a Hard Rock band active since 2007, created by two 2 luxembourgish residents Lucas Ferraz (vocals and guitar) and Fred Barreto (guitar) from Brazil. Their music is influenced by 1980's hard rock (Guns'n'Roses, Aerosmith, ....) with a touch of Blues and Rock n' Roll. In 2010 and 2012, the group had the great opportunity to be the opening act for legendary guitarist Slash (former guitarist of Guns'n'Roses) at Rockhal. Their first studio album will be released end 2013.

PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-36 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-3 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-4 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-8 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-9 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-10 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-15 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-18 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-22 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-25 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-27 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-28 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-40 PornQueen-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-41

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