Mutiny on the Bounty - Sonic Visions - Esch Alzette

Mutiny On The Bounty are enjoying European-wide critical acclaim to their brilliant new album "Trials", delivering their own unique brand of Minus The Bear/Fall Of Troy-esque ‘math-rock’. The Matt Bayles (Mastodon/Fall Of Troy/Pearl Jam) produced album, recorded in Seattle, shows the band at their best balancing cutting, aggressively edged guitars, soaring melodies with new electronic elements, while always keeping an organic feel to their complex musical delivery. Last summer, the band played numerous festival across Europe sharing the stage with the likes of Biffy Clyro and Refused. On stage MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY is a force to reckon that will leave the crowd of the Sonic Visions tongue-tied.

MutinyontheBounty-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-2 MutinyontheBounty-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-1 MutinyontheBounty-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-4 MutinyontheBounty-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-8 MutinyontheBounty-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-11 MutinyontheBounty-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-12

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