Antimatter People - Sonic Visions - Esch Alzette - 2013

ANTIMATTER PEOPLE - 21h00 (Rockhalcafe)
The origins of modern psychedelic five-piece Antimatter People came from the mind of musician and songwriter Yehan Jehan, who has been composing songs under the moniker Antimatter People since 2005. Antimatter People's sound takes a refreshing approach to rock psychedelia. Taking influences from classical music, rock, hip hop beats, and film composition, Antimatter People have developed an eclectic and incredibly accomplished sound for a band so early on in their career. Prepare for them to completely blow you away during their performance at Sonic Visions!

AntimatterPeople-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-15 AntimatterPeople-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-2 AntimatterPeople-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-4 AntimatterPeople-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-5 AntimatterPeople-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-7 AntimatterPeople-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-9 AntimatterPeople-SonicVisions-EschAlzette-2013-12

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